How to create a custom domain in salesforce?

The ‘My Domain’ feature in salesforce allows you to customize salesforce URL. Using this feature you can create a custom domain that represents your company’s brand.  This is a one time process which can not be reversed. So make sure you create a proper and meaningful custom domain for your organization.

Custom Domain Format:

  • Production Org: http://<brand-name>
  • Developer Org: https://<brand-name>

Follow the below steps to setup custom domain.

Step1 (Choose Domain Name ):

  • Login into salesforce as administrator and navigate to Setup => Domain Management => My Domain
  • Now enter the custom domain name and check for availability. If its already registered by someone else then you have to try other custom domain that is available to register.
  • Now agree the Terms and Conditions and click register



Step2 (Domain Registration Pending):

  • After the above steps salesforce will process your domain registration request and send an email when the custom domain is registered and ready to use

Step3 (Domain Ready for Testing):

  • After you receive the email, navigate to Setup => Domain Management => My Domain. You will see something like below.


  • At this stage, the custom domain is invisible to users but it is available for testing.

Step4 (Domain Deployed to Users):

  • Deploy the domain to users from ‘My Domain’ page.  Once you deploy the domain all users will be redirected to your custom domain and you can not reverse this change.
  • If you look at the below image, it shows 2 different sections. ‘My Domain Settings’ section allows you to set login policy while ‘Login Page Settings’ will allow you to customize Login page and also allows to add more Authentication services.  Currently ‘Authentication Services’ shows only one value ‘Login Page’. When you setup Single Sing-on on salesforce you come to know the exact use of this feature.